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Stillwater Landscape Management, LLC.

Celebrating 10 Years serving Arizona Communities

Licensed, Professional Weed Control

Our Proactive Approach is the Key to Our Success

We understand that effective weed control is all about being proactive rather than reactive; this is why we include pre-emergent herbicide applications twice per year for all of our clients' communities.  While this prevents many weeds from appearing, some will inevitably break through the pre-emergent barrier.  Our Arizona Pest Management Division certified mobile chemical applicators visits all of our clients' communities regularly to apply post-emergent herbicides to eliminate any weeds that are not effectively controlled by our pre-emergent program.  

Turf weed control is where we truly set ourselves apart from our competition.  We understand that controlling turf weeds is every bit as important as controlling more visible weeds that appear in decomposed granite bedding areas.  We carefully plan all pre and post emergent turf weed applications throughout the year to aggressively control both warm and cool season weeds.  The results for our clients are healthy, lush turf areas that are weed free and require less water to flourish.